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Re: RE: Music just for musicians?

Greg asks:
<<What do you want in a 
full featured looper and what would you be willing to pay for it?
Here's my response:
Since I haven't had the pleasure of using a full-featured looper (just 
have a
Vortex at this point), I lean toward a full featured multi-fx, that 
or can be expanded to include, serious looping potential, i.e. over 30 sec.
stereo loops, at minimum. All the time tricks that the Jamman could
reportedly perform sound cool, but in theory at least, I also like the idea
of using following fx to morph and mutate a loop as it rolls by. Editing 
storage potential seem critical, if the price is high (having to buy TWO
echoplexPros to get stereo seems too high to me, for a setup that "just"
loops). My druthers at this point would be upgrade or card options for the
MPX or PCM-80, or something similar.