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RE: Music just for musicians?

>Michael Writes-
>>You're right - I missed that one!! It's a while since I saw that.
>>"How much more cool could my Vortex be? None more cool."
>>Hey, that's it!!   Lex should've used NIGEL TUFNELL to advertise the 
>And, if you can see here, these knobs go to 64!!!!!
>And Kim, speaking of selling Les Pauls, Nigel's '59 beauty with the 
>("listen". "I'm not hearing anything." "Well, you would, if it were 
>in.") must've sold 2 or 3.

Do you guys remember that Marshall really did have Nigel Tufnel as an
endorser a few years ago? "This one goes to 20" I think it was.


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