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Re: On future looping machines

Dan Howarth wrote:

Before you read this check my profile on the looper's page...you may
want to kill me before you read this!

> i've been thinking about this a lot lately, in frustration with my 
> loop setup of one digitech rds4000. i hope to swing a jamman soon, but
> in regards to the installable expansion card...
> the loop card on the eventide is amazing. theoretically, that is.
> i did a lot of browsing on the www today, and drooled especially long on
> the eventide pages. 
> here's my point: the thing will sample/loop up to an amazing 260+ 
> seconds in mono at 38khz or something. great...

Actually it's something like 92 seconds for a stereo loop at 48 khz, I

> but you'd have to buy the GTR4000 model to do this, first of all. does
> anyone know how much this is? eventide is a bit too modest to project
> prices.

Well, uh, mine cost me $2800 as a demo from ABC Music in Scottsdale, Az.
even though I think that $3000 is their normal price for a GTR4000.  

> second of all, you'd have to do a helluva a lot of programming (not that 
> object, i happen to love the stuff, especially in sound) in order to
> co-ordinate the looping card into the right presets.

Actually, I have a good friend who works for Eventide as a programmer
happens to be a stick player with a major affinity for looping.  He's 
already got a bank full of looping presets (17 of them) as well as more
presets that come with the sampling board.  He's always working on new
presets, so I'd expect to see more looping presets in the future.

> obviously you'll want to play with all the power of the eventide (or 
> or whatever) and, factory-shipped, the looping unit wouldn't be tied into
> the signal path in probably all but five or six presets out of 800. so,
> you'd have to run it in - to EVERY preset you would ever possibly think 
> using to create loops. now, for me - that's all of the presets. :)

To be honest, I doubt you'd wind up using more than 20 presets.  I don't
think I do!

Lemme know if you want more info. 

Jonathan Brainin