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Re: On future looping machines

On Tue, 4 Feb 1997, Paolo Valladolid wrote:

> Hope no one minds the subject change...
> My vote goes to the looping card option as well.  While I would like to
> see a low-cost, standalone looper to replace the JamMan, it seems like
> the card option for the PCM80 or whatever would be the most viable 
> from Lexicon's point of view as well as ours.

i've been thinking about this a lot lately, in frustration with my limited
loop setup of one digitech rds4000. i hope to swing a jamman soon, but
in regards to the installable expansion card...

the loop card on the eventide is amazing. theoretically, that is. 
i did a lot of browsing on the www today, and drooled especially long on
the eventide pages. here's my point: 
the thing will sample/loop up to an amazing 260+ seconds in mono at 38khz
or something. great...

but you'd have to buy the GTR4000 model to do this, first of all. does
anyone know how much this is? eventide is a bit too modest to project
second of all, you'd have to do a helluva a lot of programming (not that i
object, i happen to love the stuff, especially in sound) in order to
co-ordinate the looping card into the right presets.

obviously you'll want to play with all the power of the eventide (or pcm80
or whatever) and, factory-shipped, the looping unit wouldn't be tied into
the signal path in probably all but five or six presets out of 800. so,
you'd have to run it in - to EVERY preset you would ever possibly think of
using to create loops. now, for me - that's all of the presets. :)

what we need is a huge, incredibly awesome processing package (the
eventides and pcm80s of the world) with a dedicated feature for looping.
just a front panel button which immediately plugs the looping expansion
card into the signal path... or even a comprehensive footpedal which
-among other things- kicks in the loops.

maybe this has been covered before... sorry if it has. i'm late to this

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