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CD available

hi folks,

a friend of mine recently released her first disc, on which i play on two
tracks. her name is Ann Hawkins, and she plays acoustic guitar in the
michael hedges/leo kottke finger-picking style, and sings in the tori
amos/joni mitchell style. call it alternative/folk/rock. :)
she's currently playing in the NYC area... 

i played Stick on two songs (bass-lines, melody chords, and solos)
in a trio format (drums). the other 8 songs are either the same trio with
me replaced by an upright bassist, duos with percussion, or solos.
it's all original material, recorded mostly to analog.

anyhow. her contact number is 201 222 7665. this is in Hoboken, NJ. 
just ask for Annie and a CD (it might not be a bad idea to mention that i
told you about this.)

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