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RE: Music just for musicians?


Your interpretation of my interpretations where misinterpreted.  I am not 
nearly as sensitive to these subjects as I seem to have come across.  My 
angle is that I do not believe that the JAMMAN will be resurrected and 
a gripe session or going over the situation preceding the products demise 
not really productive in getting the result that I think we are striving 
which is:Getting the product that everyone wants to see(dedicated full 
featured looper) to the market.

Hypothetically:If Lexicon were to build JAMMAN again, how many should we 
build and at what price should they be made available to the public?  
DO NOT answer this question!  Instead please answer:  What do you want in 
full featured looper and what would you be willing to pay for it?

Thank you and best regards,

Greg Hogan
Lexicon Customer Service
Phone 617-280-0372
FAX 617-280-0499

P.S. Other than my capacity as a Technical Support Specialist I am not 
involved in product development here at Lexicon.  This is of personal 
interest only.