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The wish-list of doom

On Tue, 4 Feb 1997, Hogan, Greg wrote:

> DO NOT answer this question!  Instead please answer:  What do you want 
>in a 
> full featured looper and what would you be willing to pay for it?

-- Easily-expandable memory
-- Multiple loop availability
-- Reverse function
-- Undo
-- Multiply
-- Insert
-- Combining two seperate loops into one
-- Variable pitch changing of the loop
-- Easy and relatively fast download/upload of loops to computer
-- Digital output for interface with DAT or ADAT
-- True Stereo in/out
-- Performance-oriented footpedal which can access just about any parameter
-- Continuous feedback control
-- Built-in effects loop
-- Extensive MIDI implementation, including sync in/out that recognizes 
odd time signatures (very important!)
-- Internal or (more likely) disc-based storage of loops, which can be 
re-loaded at a later date

How much would I be willing to pay for this?

The above is basically an Echoplex on steroids; I paid a little over $400
for my EP (admittedly an unheard-of price), plus another $70 or so for the
footpedal.  Throw in the above additions, and I'd say somewhere around
$1,100, but not much higher, would be a reasonable price.  (Yes, I feel
that the $799 list price of the current Echoplex is unrealistically and
prohibitively high).  I can't help but think that more of the current crop
of EP's could be sold if they were even $100 or so less expensive than
they tend to be sold for...