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RE: Music just for musicians?

At 11:49 AM 2/3/97, Hogan, Greg wrote:
>Well I tried to make a simple blanket statement about a very complex
>situation and it seems that I opened a big can of worms.  Has Lexicon made

Hang in there, Greg. A few months ago it was open season on our poor little
Echoplex. You ain't seen nothin'.  The phone wires were practically melting
each time I downloaded my mail,,,:-)

>I was warned when I arrived at this list that John Durant was almost
>railroaded off of this list.  Well his interest in the art of looping has
>kept him here.  I am not running away as I am used to taking the 

Well, I must be a serious masochist, because I started this whole damn

Seriously, being in customer support, I'm sure you know that your harshest
critics are often times your most loyal customers. They care enough to
offer criticism, although sometimes they aren't as tactful about it as one
might hope. The people who really don't like the product just go away and
you never hear from them at all.

After a good bout of whining, some non-user will say something to the
effect of "well if this product is as horrible as you say, why don't you
just sell it and shut up? I'm sure not gonna buy one!"  And then the
critics/whiners will suddenly realize how much damage they are causing and
leap to the product's defense, with stuff about how much they love it and
how all those complaints were really very minor, etc, etc.....;-)


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