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Tapping tempo --> MIDI Clock

Hi, I'm new on the list. In terms of looping I use a Vortex for spacy
synth stuff, wierd noises, sweeps, etc. For this purpose I have found
that morphing into a loop with a CV pedal works better than an abrupt
switch between patches via the A/B switch. The result is a real smooth
crossfade into or out of a loop. I can describe this in more detail if
anyone is interested. Can any other looping device do this type of

And now a really important question which I've posted to several
newsgroups with no good answers. I desperately need a pedal switch or 
button  type device with which to tap tempo and send a master MIDI
clock. Like the vortex tap tempo, but of course the vortex is not MIDI.
Basically I want to be able to set up synth arpeggiations and LFO stuff
synched to my drummer (rather than him synching to me- that ain't gonna
happen). This is not a set it and leave it operation, rather I want to
be able to change tempos on the fly during and between songs. The one
device that I have used that will do it is an oberheim cyclone, but I'll
spare you the reasons why I don't want to use the cyclone (great box, no
reliability). I've been told a PCM80 will do it but that's a lot of
money. I know the JamMan and Echoplex send MIDI clock based upon tapped
loop lenghths. However from what little I know of the jamMAn , it's not
such a straightforward operation- you can't just tap and change tempos
in loop mode and  for some reason the unit does not send clock in echo
mode (but maybe I'm wrong here). Can anyone explain whether the the
JamMan  or Echoplex or maybe any other device might fit my needs?