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Re: Tapping tempo --> MIDI Clock

>And now a really important question which I've posted to several
>newsgroups with no good answers. I desperately need a pedal switch or
>button  type device with which to tap tempo and send a master MIDI
>This is not a set it and leave it operation, rather I want to
>be able to change tempos on the fly during and between songs.

You can do this with an echoplex quite easily. You can also have it send
clock with different meters in relation to your taps. (ie your taps equal 2
beats, or four, or seven, or whatever) You can do a lot of other things
with an echoplex that are probably a bit more exciting....

I think some roland stuff for dance music also does this. The MC-303 and
the DJ70-MKII maybe. They're not footpedals, though, but both are
interesting products in their own right. There must be others.

>The one
>device that I have used that will do it is an oberheim cyclone, but I'll
>spare you the reasons why I don't want to use the cyclone (great box, no

wow, a cyclone user! When I was at Gibson no one really knew what this
thing did, but people were still buying it every now and then. I remember
being at trade shows and meeting fanatical cyclone users. You thought
looping was a niche.....


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