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Re: Bananas Echoplex Page

On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Clark wrote:

> The Bananas at Large page says that the Echoplex "saves/loads Loops
> and sound files".  I wasnt aware that it was able to save loops at all.
> Is this an error on their page or is it correct?

Well it's kinda misleading IMO. You can "save" loops by going through the 
finicky midi sample dump features. I for one have never gotten this to 
work but I'm told it does. 

Usually when I hear people talking about "saving" something they are 
refering to static RAM where you turn off the unit and it stays in 
memory until you intentionally erase it. The EP does *not* do that, once 
you turn it off it loses all memory and boots clean the next time you 
turn it on. 

> BTW, their toll free number is 800 786 7585

FWIW I called them yesterday and they said they are backordered on the 
pedals just liek everyone else. They did say they're at teh top of the 
list when they do come in but it will probably be a couple weeks at best.
The do have the Echoplex unit in stock though. Didn't get a price on that 
(they wanted $110 for the pedal alone). 

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