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RE: A Jamthing, Vortex, and 'plex free post!

> Yeah, I saw these in an opticians recently, 
> made by Bausch & Lomb. What are they? ;-] ;-]
> (No, seriously, I did see them. They are in a small black box with a
> on the side that says "KILLER LOOP". 

ok, in the name of our looping community :) I'd like to ask you to buy one,
scan the label, and upload the image to our web page. After all, killer
loops are what this is all about! :-))

> I noticed on the web page that there is a list of loopers and info about 
> them, but can't see any way of contributing to it. Is there a special 
> requirement, or am I just missing something? 

As Andre said, you missed something (it is explained in the list
introduction paragraph). Email your contribution to me (email address see
below), and I'll add you to the page and send the result to Kim, who
eventually uploads it to the web.

Michael Peters   

default mail address:           100041.247@compuserve.com
binary stuff and attachments:   mp@scholz.re.eunet.de