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Re: Tapping tempo --> MIDI Clock

At 12:24 PM 2/6/97 -0800, you wrote:
>On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Kim Flint wrote:
>> wow, a cyclone user! When I was at Gibson no one really knew what this
>> thing did, but people were still buying it every now and then. I 
>> being at trade shows and meeting fanatical cyclone users. You thought
>> looping was a niche.....
>Can somebody give us a thumbnail description of what the cyclone does?  
>Any relation to the Vortex?  ;-]

It's a midi arpeggiator. Comes in a cheap plastic box, and has a 
difficult user interface with about 4 buttons and a few red leds. From what
I understand, once you figure out how to program it, nothing compares to 
arpegiating power. It's been out since the late 80's, I think. 

Since the Vortex does audio and no midi, and the Cyclone does midi and no
audio, you probably need a Buchla Lightning to use them together...;-)

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