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Re: Tapping tempo --> MIDI Clock

>At 12:24 PM 2/6/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Kim Flint wrote:
>>> wow, a cyclone user! When I was at Gibson no one really knew what this
>>> thing did, but people were still buying it every now and then. I 
>>> being at trade shows and meeting fanatical cyclone users. You thought
>>> looping was a niche.....
>>Can somebody give us a thumbnail description of what the cyclone does?
>>Any relation to the Vortex?  ;-]
>It's a midi arpeggiator. Comes in a cheap plastic box, and has a 
>difficult user interface with about 4 buttons and a few red leds. From 
>I understand, once you figure out how to program it, nothing compares to 
>arpegiating power. It's been out since the late 80's, I think.
I  sold mine after a 5 year love/hate relationship with it, opting to limit
options and put more energy into interactive music via audio (JamMan, Logic
Audio, and playing with other humanoids). Wouldn't mind having it back
though :-)  It is pretty powerful.

The unit is the midi equivalent of a JamMan, etc as it is meant for live
performance and real time modulation (ie live improvisation on top of a
loop or arp). It has a small sequencer. The live (midi) input can be arpped
in subdivisions of the beat (up/down, random, etc) , or using the rythm
input in the sequencer, and/or transposed using an 'algorithm' which you
put in yourself, the latter being one of the unique, powerful and difficult
to master aspects of the box. It has a versatile modulation matrix, so you
can map foot switches (2), velocity or midi controllers to note duration,
dynamics, transposition, etc.  It slaves or sends midi clock at 96 ppqn.
Vast options in a little plastic box with two 8 segment LEDs.

There are 3 (keyboard) zones playable simultaneously, including the
recorded phrase in the unit itself.  It can doubles each 'zone' on seperate
midi channels (up to 4 times I think).

 I got some complex arps and sequences out of it in conjunction with a
quadraverb delay synced to midi clock using a K2000 and Proteus 1 making
liberal uses of sliders on the K. On one particular occasion all the
ingredients were simmering just right, and I remembered to record to dat,
thankfully.  Results: sort of Acid (Philip) Glass Industrial which could
never re-create, unless I remembered to write every note and modulation
down.  I will upload some samples from that to the Loopers site at some

The biggest downside of the unit is the user interface. However, it would
store in its RAM the sequence data (like we wish the fantasy looper would!.
Anybody else have experience with the Cyclone?

Portland, OR USA