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Who'd've thunk there'd be room in my back for _another_ knife...?   :(

This came from Kenton Electronics today, a world-renowned company 
in MIDI retrofits of analogue synths etc.  I EMailed about getting a MIDI 
retrofit on the V. I _thought_ I was buying (sniff), and got this reply.  
-$ exchange rate is $1.65=1 btw.  And you're probably VAT (Value Added 
ie sales tax) exempt outside the UK.


                although we don't actually do an internal MIDI retro-fit
for the Vortex, it can be controlled using a KADI unit. This is an
external box (originally intended for drum machines) which converts MIDI
data to trigger signals.

        The MIDI data may be in the form of program change commands, or
note data and the trigger signal may be a positive or negative, level,
or pulse, the duration of which is user definable. With the addition of
a suitable lead, the device will be able to control all the inputs on
the Vortex. The full spec. is as follows...

                                Kenton Pro-KADI
        Wasp Mode To Control Wasp/Gnat Synths
        KADI Mode To Control Drum Machines With A Kenton Socket Kit
        (Accent Threshold Adjustable In KADI Mode)
        Trigger Mode : 13 TTL Outputs
        TTL Outputs May Be Latching (High When Key Pressed), Or Pulses
        Pulse Width Adjustable Between 100us-10ms (100us Steps)
        Long 250ms Pulse Width Available For Control Of Relays
        Individual Note Numbers Assignable For Each TTL Output
        Note Or Program Change Control Of Triggers Possible
        (We May Be Open To Additional Suggestions For Methods Of 
        MIDI Thru
        Sync 24 and Arpeggio Clock Outputs
        Variable Clock Divide Rate And Polarity
        User Friendly Interface With 3 Digit LED Display
        Power Supply : 9-15V dc 100mA
        Dimensions   : 165mmx96mmx42mm
        Price : =106.30 (ex VAT)   =124.90 (inc VAT)

        You may order directly from us and we the units in stock and so
same day despatch is usually possible. I trust that this answers all you
questions. However, if there is anything else about which you are
unsure, please drop me a line.


P. Herman
(Production Manager / Engineer)

Kenton Electronics
12 Tolworth Rise South,
Surrey KT5. 9NN.

Tel.  : +44 (0)181 337 0333
Fax   : +44 (0)181 330 1060
email : tech@kenton.co.uk
www   : http://www.kenton.co.uk/