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Loop features, FX processor

> Please 
>DO NOT answer this question!  Instead please answer:  What do you want in 
>full featured looper and what would you be willing to pay for it?

The JM is great; the only differences I'd make are
1.      The ability to play different loops concurrently, ie like a 
        recorder where each could be muted, faded etc
2.      MIDI volume controlling global output, so loops could be faded out 
        then_back_in_.  This could of course be achieved by putting the JM 
        another processor's FX loop anyway, so it's not _that_ important. 

On the subject of processors, having blown my chance of ever owning a
Vortex (sniff), can I ask the panel which other processors provide channel
switching?  The only ones I know of are the (non-MIDI-in) Zoom 4040 and the
(very expensive) Rocktron Replifex.  Any others?  (This is of course purely
out of interest)


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