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Got this from another list & thought some of you might be interested...

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>Date: Fri, 07 Feb 1997 10:48:21 +0000
>To: analogue@hyperreal.com
>From: Fish <fish@ndirect.co.uk>
>Subject: Fwd: MIDIFY yer VORTICES!!!
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>>This came from Kenton Electronics today, a world-renowned company
>>in MIDI retrofits of analogue synths etc.  I EMailed about getting a MIDI
>>retrofit on the V. I _thought_ I was buying (sniff), and got this reply.
>>-$ exchange rate is $1.65=1 btw.  And you're probably VAT (Value Added
>>ie sales tax) exempt outside the UK.
>>                although we don't actually do an internal MIDI retro-fit
>>for the Vortex, it can be controlled using a KADI unit. This is an
>>external box (originally intended for drum machines) which converts MIDI
>>data to trigger signals.
>>        The MIDI data may be in the form of program change commands, or
>>note data and the trigger signal may be a positive or negative, level,
>>or pulse, the duration of which is user definable. With the addition of
>>a suitable lead, the device will be able to control all the inputs on
>>the Vortex. The full spec. is as follows...
>>                                Kenton Pro-KADI
>>                                ---------------
>>        Wasp Mode To Control Wasp/Gnat Synths
>>        KADI Mode To Control Drum Machines With A Kenton Socket Kit
>>        (Accent Threshold Adjustable In KADI Mode)
>>        Trigger Mode : 13 TTL Outputs
>>        TTL Outputs May Be Latching (High When Key Pressed), Or Pulses
>>        Pulse Width Adjustable Between 100us-10ms (100us Steps)
>>        Long 250ms Pulse Width Available For Control Of Relays
>>        Individual Note Numbers Assignable For Each TTL Output
>>        Note Or Program Change Control Of Triggers Possible
>>        (We May Be Open To Additional Suggestions For Methods Of
>>        Control)
>>        MIDI Thru
>>        Sync 24 and Arpeggio Clock Outputs
>>        Variable Clock Divide Rate And Polarity
>>        User Friendly Interface With 3 Digit LED Display
>>        Power Supply : 9-15V dc 100mA
>>        Dimensions   : 165mmx96mmx42mm
>>        Price : =106.30 (ex VAT)   =124.90 (inc VAT)
>>        You may order directly from us and we the units in stock and so
>>same day despatch is usually possible. I trust that this answers all you
>>questions. However, if there is anything else about which you are
>>unsure, please drop me a line.
>>                                                Peter
>>P. Herman
>>(Production Manager / Engineer)
>>Kenton Electronics
>>12 Tolworth Rise South,
>>Surrey KT5. 9NN.
>>Tel.  : +44 (0)181 337 0333
>>Fax   : +44 (0)181 330 1060
>>email : tech@kenton.co.uk
>>www   : http://www.kenton.co.uk/
>fish@ndirect.co.uk   http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~fish