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Re: Loop features, FX processor

In a message dated 97-02-07 15:56:29 EST, you write:

<< >The JM is great; the only differences I'd make are
 >1.      The ability to play different loops concurrently, ie like a
 >        recorder where each could be muted, faded etc
 This is something many dream of...
 How would you like to control those in practical terms (a key that 

the idea i have in my mind would involve some kind of visual feedback- 
this button, light a goes on, now you're working with loop a(b,c,d). now 
loop tools(volume, recoed, multiply, reverse, modulation((!))) are working 
that particular loop. it would require the loopy one to keep track of 
what in a logical manner as opposed to a tactile feedback manner(hearing 

while i'm a complete midi novice, i'm thinking that the individual loop
information (is there one in b, what's the volume level of d) could be sent
as some midi data, which then could be sent to something with a screen (i
won't show my bias) for more of that instaneous feedback to avoid swelling 
that big loop that has nothing in it.

in a dreamlike state i continue- if several loops could be concurrent the
added flexibilty of more than two outputs that would be assignable by midi
messages as well... certain extensions of the multitrack metaphor could be
applied as the idea of improvized multitrack playing is exactly what i want
to do, and if i could do it with one or two boxes instead of ten... more 
one midi in (more pedals=more control, especially for multiple concurrent
loops) and more than one out (synch, dump, once i get data in loop d start
the sequencer, i'll stop there, but even more ideas rattling me)

but realistically i'd like something in a couple of rack spaces that takes
industry standard memory(starting to sound familiar?), that would utilize
industry standard pedals (not too familiar) that's really stereo(familiar),
with digital in and outs as well (an inevitabilty everyone on this list 
face, and already standardized somewhat as well) with the ability to
dump(essential). xlr's in addition would be cool, but not essential. some
kind of librarian/programmer program for it(and a lot of other pedals, but
that's a rant that's misplaced here. lucky keyboard players. not so lucky

wow, longer than i thought, but i really want to make music in this
fashion(and i don't have the hombre or the plex even((i'd buy a plex used 
i could find one))) and am willing to contribute even if i seem a little