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Re: Loop features, FX processor

>In a message dated 97-02-07 15:56:29 EST, you write:
><< >The JM is great; the only differences I'd make are
> >1.      The ability to play different loops concurrently, ie like a
> >        recorder where each could be muted, faded etc
> This is something many dream of...
> How would you like to control those in practical terms (a key that 
>  >>

Exactly the same way the JM deals with separate loops at the moment - by
scrolling thgrough them.  If I remember correctly (I'm not a user of
multiple loops) the JM shows the current active loop on the front panel,
andd operations only apply to that loop.  So if you have loops 1,2 and 3
and you want to fade 3, select it and hit "fade".  The other loops continue
as before.  OK you have to remember what's in what loop, but we have to do
that for multiple loops anyway.
It's really an expansion on the UNDO key - you can start with ostinato
chords (loop 1) add a riff (2) and a melody (3), then replace the riff, or
suddenly mute the riff and melody for dramatic effect.  The JM's phrased
mute would be ideal for this, as you could cue 2 loops to mute at the end
of the next bar, giving time to select and mute both.  In order to keep
track of the number of concurrent loops, that number would best be kept
small and so the JM's memory wouldn't need to be overexpanded...


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