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Re: Some ideas...

> In a message dated 2/4/97 7:59:37 PM, jj wrote, re algorithmic loop 
> <<Anybody think this is remotely possible with the devices we have today?
> Any other thoughts on how to put some fresh, (relatively) unpredictable
> or at least systemic experimentation into looping?
> >>
> Sounds like a job for Max, Opcode/IRcam's MIDI programming environment, 
> can apparently detect and/or analyse audio via an Audiomedia card, I
> understand...or rather I DON'T understand, but betcha one of the folks 
>on the
> lofty max list could set up something like what you describe...there's 
> SuperCollider, an amazing real-time synth and audio processor for the 

What's the URL?

> Mac (whose downloadable demo is a free sonic trip NO audio-minded PowerPC
> owner should overlook!). And of course, who knows what couldn't be done 
> cSound, a Kyma box, or even an Eventide DSP4000, were money and audio

I like the idea behind the Kyma/Capybara.  Basically, have one box that
can do synthesis, digital recording, sampling, effects, etc. all at once
in real-time and have it be totally controllable from software.  It's
not cheap, but can be a bargain if you compare it with the cost of separate
effects boxes, samplers, synths, a digital recorder etc.; none of which
is likely to be as flexible.

Harvey recommends it as the sound source for his new microtonal MIDI 
which he calls teh MicroZone.  It can currently divide an octave into
72 steps.  The keyboard uses a 768-key honeycomb design.  You can peek at
it at:


I find it very fascinating because one could theoretically use any 
microtonal temperament with this keyboard.  You could create some crazy
sounding stuff for looping with this beast.

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