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Midi Sample Dump

I tried dumping a loop into my sequencer.  It was a long loop,
about 50 seconds.  So I was prepared to be patient, but after 20
minutes it was still sending data. The numbers in the "multiple"
window (that's supposed to be percent complete, no?) kept counting
and overflowing and counting some more with the 10's digit incrementing
about once per second or so.

I then tried recording a short loop, a little less than 1 second.
And the DUMP still would go on and on.

I haven't looked at the sysex data to see if it's repeating.  I don't
know if I'd be able to tell easily.  The data does look like sample
dump data.

Any advice or similar experiences out there?

  ********** Floyd Miller
    ****** floyd@voicenet.com
      ** http://www.voicenet.com/~floyd