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Re: Midi Sample Dump

At 7:07 PM 2/9/97, Chris Meyer wrote:
>Exactly right (from the, ahem, author of the SDS, with Dave Rossum). No

ah...one of the responsible parties finally turns up....Welcome Chris! :-)

>It is worth considering a copy of Passport Alchemy or BIAS Peak (1.5 or
>later) to do sample dumps in a more efficient way, if for no other reason.

Yes, and as I recall, Sound Designer worked pretty well too. If Eric is
paying attention to this thread he might have some good choices too.

>P.S. Wouldn't it be nice if one of the so-callled data file floppy drives
>out there could recognize a sample dump and handshake accordingly? Were 
>that smart? If any one has a chance, it might be the Alesis; Marcus is no

Won't it be nice when everything has firewire or fast ethernet, embedded
tcp/ip and micro web-servers.....oh, what a dream.......


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