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Re: Midi Sample Dump

Floyd wrote:
But I guess unless the loop is really killer and irreplaceable,
it may not be worth trying to save a 50 second loop via
sample dump..  A digital audio recording might be good enough.

I find it quite practical and decent fidelity. I sometimes use a Dat
recorder to save and reuse  loops.  I simply record the loop to Dat
repeating it a few times so on playback I can get myself in sync for
initiating record on the Plex or Jamman.  Also by having several
repeating copies of each loop I can verify how good I synced the copy
from Dat back to Looper  because after the copy both the Looper and the
Dat are playing back simultaneously.  If I did a good job syncing it
sounds like a single source.   If not it flanges, or worse echos.  Best
of all, it only takes a few reps of the loops to accomplish the dump to
Dat and back again, rather than hours.