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Re: Midi Sample Dump

At 8:29 AM 2/10/97, Floyd Miller wrote:
>At 11:18 PM 2/9/97 -0800, Kim wrote:
>>Best not to try the k2000...it won't be supported in the echoplex sample
>>dump for a while, because it requires some special features that we have 
>>add. If I remember right, the k2000 adds 200 to the sample #, and doesn't
>>subtract it out again when you try to send back to the echoplex. The
>>current echoplex soft doesn't like that much. It'll be there eventually.
>Ahhh.  Yes the K2K does that.   What does the Echoplex do with the
>sample#?  Does it use it to say which loop # ?

Yes, I think that's right. Eric would know, since he's now written this
code at least twice. Are you reading this Eric? When the new sample dump is
finished, it will let you arbitrarily select loop#, sample#, and ID#. And
no, I can't tell you exactly when that will be available, but progress is
being made!


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