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Re: Another new member

At 09:31 10/02/97 -0500, Hogan, Greg wrote:
>The Resonant Chord algorithm create something similar, right Greg?
>To which I reply:  The Resonant Chord algorithm in the PCM80 does 
>delay voices through filters in the manner that fish has described.

The big limitation of my S2000 setup is that you're relying on an LFO to
sweep the filter. Having control over the cutoff gives you far more
creative possibilities. I've emulated the effect on a SY85 synth which has
an effect called DFLTWAH (Yamaha don't provide any explanations for their

It's simply: delay->2 parallel filters->fedback to delay

You get to assign one controller to modulate the cutoff frequency of the 2
filters (it can have a negative or positive effect on either filter), each
filter has it's own cut-off point and resonance. So you setup the loop with
max feedback and keep the controller moving to shift the filters. If you
leave your foot controller still for too long the feedback gets louder
(boosted by the Q). The swirly distortion textures you get at this point
are kind of cool. 

Also, if you set the filters some distance apart and set the controller to
have a positive effect on one, and negative on the other, you can play with
2 sets of harmonics and get some interesting effects as they crossover one
another. This one needs a lot of fine tuning, but it's worth experimenting

The SY85 doesn't have an analogue input so I'm sorry for you guitarists,
but I'm only telling you in case you guys want to find a way to recreate 


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