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Finally Fully Vortexed!!/ Midi-izing it ???

holy crap, loopman !!

i finally got my Vortex manual and footswitch. I had been using the V and
loving it ANYWAY - but i have entered the world of using my morph pedal and
finally running in stereo (Esssential, essential!!)

WOW - this unit is ridiculous. I mean - as i said i loved it already - the
warm tone quality, transparency, and wide range of sounds. i mean - it has
that oomph - that seems to only come from good footpedals (boss esp. ) no
matter how expensive your rack gets. but this thing has it. Also - stupid
stupid me - i didn't realize you could "step" thru programs !! even tho it
says STEP in the back panel (Duh).

But i will propose some possibilities for the midi-izing discussion. (by 
way , fearful anti-midi few, MIDI is simply a glorified switching protocol 
an overgrown pulse-type footswitch, usually used to tell a device to turn a
note on/off, vol incrementation, whatever. And the all-important

well- i have to descend into my lab - and try this - but i'll report back 
you ... would the Scholz rockman Octopus work to induce a "step up" in the
vortex ?? I haven't used mine in a while but it has 8 outputs, which can be
toggled on the front panel. Each combination of 8 ons/offs can be saved as 

Also - i hava a midi- midigator - (any owners out there ?? web info?) and i
remember seeing in their accessories info that you could order a series of
different modules that could send out various "analog" pulses to do a
variety of switching. i bet one of these would work - any probably with any
midi pedal at that - anyone know where these could be scarde up ?? is
midigator (Lake Butler) back in biz - or is someone responsible for the
catalog inventory ??? Help !!

peace- andre , east

ps - hope you all saw mr torn's home studio in the latest "musician" mag -
the one on touring with metalli-U2 on the cover... I love him to death - 
why does DT go out of his way to point out "NO MIDI" in a room littered 
samplers, MIDI KEYBOARD, hi-tech digital effects, footswitches, Computers,
drum machines, etc. am i missing something ??? aren't these all tools -
useable by everyone from Madonna to Wendy Carlos with differing results ??
who cares anyway - everything past the naked sound of a voice and clapping
hands is technologically based, let's not fool ourselves, fool ourselves,
fool, fo,f