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Re: RE: Mutator


Jeff asked:
"Any suggestions for books or web sites to teach me 
the difference between a VCO and a VCA without 
hurting my tiny brain?"

Well there are lots of places you could go for such info 
including some of the tomes available in "Mix Bookshelf."
However, if all you want to know is the simple decoding 
of the above acronyms I suppose I'll try to be of help.

They are terms from the dim, dark past of music synthesis.
VCA = voltage controlled amplifier
VCO = voltage controlled oscillator
VCF = voltage controlled filter.

Also you may run across...
LFO = Low frequency oscillator.
CV = Control voltage

There are a whole host of these little 2 and 3-letter terms.

I am not prepared at the moment to explain these much 
further (it would take much longer than I have on my 
rather short lunch break) except to say that they are 
some of the basic components of early electronic music 
synthesis. Use your imagination a little and it shouldn't 
be too hard to figure out how one would use these to 
create and control a sound *electronically*...