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Consumer products

Hello all

>ps - hope you all saw mr torn's home studio in the latest "musician" mag -
>the one on touring with metalli-U2 on the cover... I love him to death - 
>why does DT go out of his way to point out "NO MIDI" in a room littered 
>samplers, MIDI KEYBOARD, hi-tech digital effects, footswitches,
>Computers,drum machines, etc. am i missing something ??? aren't these all
>tools -useable by everyone from Madonna to Wendy Carlos with differing
>results ??who cares anyway - everything past the naked sound of a voice 
>clappinghands is technologically based, let's not fool ourselves, fool
>ourselves,fool, fo,f.............

One could comment that all electronic sound processing out of 'off the
shelf' black boxes isn't experimental. Just marketing and consumerism.
But it's all  fun; and we shouldn't ever deny that.

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