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hello and greetings to the loop list...

i am a guitarist named bobby devito, and currently record and perform with 
ambient electronic guitar project called LVX NOVA. i have been enjoying the
list so far, and have always loved looping and working with delays since 
70's. please take a graze at our LVX NOVA website at:
to see and hear what our current CD sounds like. we are being signed at 
very moment, and our CD will be avaliable worldwide in about 8 weeks...but 
anyone on the list wants a copy, i have less than 100 of the advance CD's
still left from the first pressing for only $5. it's 72 minutes of guitar 
analog synths, exotic percussion, and serpentine bass.  i am currently 
to get my live rig together and am having a hard time deciding between the
Oberheim Echoplex and the TC 2290 delay for my looping needs. anyone like 
help a newbie on the list?
may peace and happiness rain down on you all :-)
bobby devito/lvx nova