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Re: midi echoplex

>Hi, loopist
>I'm using an echoplex pro with about three min. of record time on board
>and im trying to get the hang of syncing to midi and recording guitar in 
>with the midi.  Sequencer driving the echoplex sometimes and echo driving 
>seq. sometimes. Could  Kim or Matthias give me a step by step set up for 
>plex, on both procedures.  And also what key combination resets the 
>back to factory parameters.  thanks guys ,the Echoplex Digital Pro is the
>greatest creative booster I've ever experienced . what a great unit !
>thanks again.
>Kem McNair

You reset the echoplex parameters by holding down the parameter button
while powering up.

Looping my email:

Check out the Echoplex FAQ page on the Looper's Delight website. There is a
section on midi syncing.


If that doesn't answer your question, let me know.


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