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Re: Anti-MIDI looping

At 12:53 PM 2/19/97, BobbyZZZ@aol.com wrote:
>hi all!
> i need to decide between the Echoplex and the TC 2290 for delays and 
>for live work. has anyone been able to contact Oberheim for service 
>lately? i
>have heard some SAD things about their support lately....

Dealing with Oberheim takes some patience. It's a VERY small company. If
you call them directly it can take a while for them to get back to you,
because they are generally spending their time on some other aspect of
running a manufacturing business. (like say, trying to get more echoplexes
built) They don't have enough resources to ship products and answer your
call, its one or the other.

If you call the parent company, Gibson Guitar, you should have no problems
getting through to a real customer support human that is genuinely
interested in helping you out. That's how it's actually supposed to work.
They might not know the answer, but at least they will not know in an
upbeat and eager manner.

And if you stay on this list, you have not one, not two, but *three* of the
original echoplex designers available to do your bidding! Not to mention a
whole bunch of plexusers....

(well, we might not do everything you ask. But darn near....;-) )

>can the echoplex
>sync up to MIDI clock? we only have one MIDI-CV converter in our band so
>far....any of you out there use the TC 2290??? i can get my hands on one 
>pretty cheap, and it's been memory expanded already...please help if 
>out there :-)
>bobby devito/lvx nova

Yes, the echoplex does sync to midi clock. It generates it as well. Check
out the Echoplex FAQ page on the Looper's Delight website. There is a
section on midi syncing.



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