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Re: Anti-MIDI looping

In a message dated 2/19/97 1:41:49 AM, you wrote:

>>> The plex can sync to pulses, using the BeatSync input. Does that help?
>>... I didn't even know there was a
>>"beat sync" input. really? I gotta get from behind my synths sometime and
>>see what's going on in the rack more often. If this is what I think it
>>may be it could proabbly take a +5  gate trigger from on of the old
>>CV/gate sequencers or analogue synths.
>>Hmmm, it might be worth a try...
>Definitally. It also accepts smaller pulses or even audio triggers. Put 
>Sync parameter to IN.
>Tell us about the results!
hi all!
 i need to decide between the Echoplex and the TC 2290 for delays and 
for live work. has anyone been able to contact Oberheim for service 
lately? i
have heard some SAD things about their support lately....can the echoplex
sync up to MIDI clock? we only have one MIDI-CV converter in our band so
far....any of you out there use the TC 2290??? i can get my hands on one 
pretty cheap, and it's been memory expanded already...please help if you're
out there :-)
bobby devito/lvx nova