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Some of us never left

> I don't know of anyone eager to return to the days of
>twin reel-to-reels.

>John Pollock

Hey! I'm still doin' that street (check out my section on the list when it 
gets posted - I just sent it in last week). Mainly for financial reasons, 
but also because I don't do enough playing these days to justify the cost. 
Besides, I still like what happens to the sounds sometimes, not to mention 
the little surprises that occasionally come out of nowhere. OK, so those 
be annoying as well, but I've seen many complaints here about the 
gear too ;-). I've only really heard Fripp's work with the new type of 
so can't really judge what others are doing with what's out there. 
his soundscapes and such are very interesting, they are still quite 
different from the old "Frippertronics" stuff. It's a bit like the 
difference between a Mellotron and a string synth, or sampler even. While 
both serve the same purpose, they sound considerably different (unless 
a sample of a Mellotron :-]).

I don't want to sound like a ranter, or overly sensitive, but yes, there 
still some of us out there. Didn't someone ask about this recently? If so, 
drop me a line.

Jim B.