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Re: Anti-MIDI looping

bobby devito said, a while ago:
>hi all!
> i need to decide between the Echoplex and the TC 2290 for delays and 
>for live work. has anyone been able to contact Oberheim for service 
>lately? i
>have heard some SAD things about their support lately....can the echoplex
>sync up to MIDI clock? we only have one MIDI-CV converter in our band so
>far....any of you out there use the TC 2290??? i can get my hands on one 
>pretty cheap, and it's been memory expanded already...please help if 
>out there :-)

I think nobody answered this...
I used the 2290 between 85 and 88 and made a lot of nice music with it.
In terms of sound quality its marvelous. The mechanics (keys etc) could not
be better. The design is beautyfull and the display clear - one of the best
audio processors made. BUT:

Its not really a looping device.
While you record the first bit (using LEARN as tap) you hear a repetition
in the old tempo.
Even Overdub you have to create first, either with external HW or
programming the machine (I did not have the sound on sound option)
To multiply, I read the display, multiplied it in my head and typed the
value in the key pad.
Feedback is only analog. Either you freeze, or you loose each repetition
(very little though, the quality is amazing).
No Undo, no sync, no brother no insert no inverse no...

Its too big and heavy for my handy rack.