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Some of us...

>Hey, my _only_ multitrack recorder is a Teac A-3340S!
(Oh, how I lusted for one of those - as well as a few other things not 
so mechanical - but the price was too steep on both counts %~})   )

>I certainly didn't intend to belittle _any_ technology or its users.

I realise this. Perhaps I should have included a few more smileys to show 
that I wasn't actually offended.

>My point was that without the efforts of Lexicon, Oberheim/Gibson, and 
>the only options available to would-be loopers would be expensive
>(e.g., the TCE 2290), nearly impossible to obtain (EH 16-sec, Paradis
>Loop Delay), or twin reel to reels-- the only financially practical
>option for many of us.

This is very true.

Also, thanks to Mark Hewins for the info on the Canterbury site. I've been 
into that stuff for over twenty years now, and try to catch a gig or two 
some member of the fraternity on my too infrequent trips to the UK. I 
actually had the embarassing honour of having Stephen Miller lend me a 
to get back home once, after I had spent too much on beer at one of the 
weekly pub gigs he was doing in '85, with Lol Coxhill as guest (I did pay 
him back the next week, when Elton Dean was the guest). But enough name 
dropping, here's a second to the motion to check these guys out.

Jim B.