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"Jamman" up for a Grammy

Chet Atkins is now playing weekly every Monday evening at the Caffe Milano
in downtown Nashville, and is incorporating a little live looping in each
performance. I went down to see him there last Monday (2/17) and spoke
with him for a few minutes after the show. 

I told him about the Looper's Delight group on the internet and
explained what it was about. He seemed amazed that there would be this
degree of interest in looping. He has two Jammen @ 32s memory. He was
also amazed to hear that Lexicon had discontinued the unit! (take note

When he performs with the unit, he first explains a bit about what's
happening, for the benefit of unsuspecting audiences, and says that with
such a unit, "you can be your own miniature Les Paul". He also describes
Les Paul's first home-brew looping machine (late 1940's) which was dubbed
the "Les Paulverizer". 

Some encouraging news for loopers-- Chet's tune "Jam Man" from his album
"Almost Alone" is nominated for a Grammy. It's his only tune so nominated
in the last three years.

Pat Kirtley