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Re: Some of us.../Canterbury

>>Hey, my _only_ multitrack recorder is a Teac A-3340S!
>(Oh, how I lusted for one of those - as well as a few other things not 
>so mechanical - but the price was too steep on both counts %~})   )
A few years ago I scored a Tascam 32 1/2 track deck in exchange for a few
hours of computer work. I use it for tape loops all the time. Now if I
could only find another at the same price...

>Also, thanks to Mark Hewins for the info on the Canterbury site. I've been
>into that stuff for over twenty years now, and try to catch a gig or two 
>some member of the fraternity on my too infrequent trips to the UK. I
>actually had the embarassing honour of having Stephen Miller lend me a 
>to get back home once, after I had spent too much on beer at one of the
>weekly pub gigs he was doing in '85, with Lol Coxhill as guest (I did pay
>him back the next week, when Elton Dean was the guest). But enough name
>dropping, here's a second to the motion to check these guys out.
Oh yeah, absolutely. I spent way too much of my mis-spent youth
transcribing Hugh Hopper's bass lines from the Soft Machine records. It
paid off though, I actually got to sub for him once, playing his tunes!

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