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RE: "Jamman" up for a Grammy

Pat Kirtley wrote:

> He also describes Les Paul's first home-brew looping machine (late
1940's) which was dubbed the "Les Paulverizer". 

and Michael Peters wrote:

>Never heard of that before - did Chet tell you about the "Les
>Paulverizer"? What kind of device was it? How did it work? I'd love to
>include this info in our "History of Looping" webpage.

I really don't know any more than that about the "Paulverizer" except
that I've heard it referred to before in a couple of instances. I have a
radio transcript, probably from the 40's, where an announcer introduces
"Les Paul and his Les Paulverizer". 

I have been told that there is a story on this topic in the August '94
issue of Vintage Guitar magazine. Also, I have this cryptic clip from a
recent magazine article: "Les still uses a Gibson Les Paul guitar,
although it is a highly modified one with a microphone built into it, and
he runs it through a strange electronic device he calls the "Paulverizer,"
which enables him to get his trademark multiple guitar sound live."

I have a feeling that maybe the Paulverizer is more of a process or
concept than an actual, specific device (plus it has a catchy name that is
easy for magazine reporters to remember), but I'll find a copy of that
magazine and report back.

Pat Kirtley