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Re: Musicianship, live technique, etc...

>Michael wrote:
>>Sometimes I worry that too many musicians are trying to be artists, too 
>>trying to be entertainers.

To me, art can be usefull or not. If its not (to us), then it might be for
the gods, and thus we never know its totaly useless.
But its nice to find a situation where the art fits the needs of the
public. Entertaining is probably just one of those situations.
Or we have to distinguish between entertaining for dancing, working,
loving, praying, military discipline, story telling...
To entertain musicians, "art" would be the right form?

>...And BTW, I really
>like much of Trilok's music. It was the "entertainment" I couldn't 
>accept. I
>simply wanted to hear the music and the musicians, and the rest got in my 
>So, Dr. Mike: I'm guilty as charged. I guess we're now big-time enemies!!!


I liked Triloks druming a lot, too, and ended up buying his CD crazy
saints, and do not listen to it...

I met him about two years ago and he was very much interested in looping
and thought he could do a show with a ex WeatherReport member on this base.
But then I never heard of him again. Does anyone know whether these shows
happend, whether he does looping, or his email adress?