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Re: looking for looper

KelRey@aol.com wrote:
> >Hi.  I'm looking for a Jamman, Echoplex Digital Pro, and >Boomerang.
> >Where can I find these?  The Boomerang is out of stock (or >never in
> >yet??) at manny's.  I haven't found them anywhere else.
> I got my Boomerang from Guitar Center in MN. They had to special order it
> because I got the 4 meg upgrade. I am sure Mannys could order it for you.
> You could try ordering directly from Boomerang, they may sell direct,
> although I am not sure. There number is 800-530-4699.
> Hope this helps,
> Kelly

  From the cradle of the 'Rangs, down in Texas - We do sell direct, but
only to customers who are not fairly close to a Boomerang dealer. The
dealers would abandon us if our policy were different. Loop on...

Mike Nelson, co-owner Boomerang Musical Products, a.k.a. Motley