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Re: Digitech pedals...

In a message dated 97-04-19 07:03:36 EDT, you write:

> I want to put together a page for all the digitech stuff. I've collected 
>  couple bits so far, but I could really use some help. I don't know much
>  about most of those units. Any contributions are most welcome!
>  Oh, sorry I haven't added much to the web site in the past couple of
>  months. All of my free time has been sucked into another project....
>  Hopefully that will lighten up a bit in a couple weeks....
>  thanks
>  kim

     Sorry, I know this is a little late to respond, but I'm still using 
Digitech RDS 7.6. It's a very nice machine with a lot of features including
KNOBS! Knobs for delay time, feedback, rate, and depth. It also has a lot 
CV inputs including delay time, and several outs (mix out, dry out, and 
out). I actually traded in my Delta Lab 4096 for it (plus some cash).
Although, I wish I still had my Delta Lab 1024. 
     I'm also using a Jamman. It will be a great day when the digital
machines will allow you to Pitch Shift and/or Time Compress/Expand your 
(in real-time!). 
     Marc - EWI, Bass, Chapman Stick, Bass Recorder, etc.