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Re: Digitech pedals...

>In a message dated 97-04-19 07:03:36 EDT, you write:
>> I want to put together a page for all the digitech stuff. I've 
>collected a
>>  couple bits so far, but I could really use some help. I don't know much
>>  about most of those units. Any contributions are most welcome!
>>  kim
>     Sorry, I know this is a little late to respond, but I'm still using 
>Digitech RDS 7.6. It's a very nice machine with a lot of features 
>KNOBS! Knobs for delay time, feedback, rate, and depth. It also has a lot 
>CV inputs including delay time, and several outs (mix out, dry out, and 
>out). I actually traded in my Delta Lab 4096 for it (plus some cash).
>Although, I wish I still had my Delta Lab 1024.
>     Marc - EWI, Bass, Chapman Stick, Bass Recorder, etc.

Hey, cool! Thanks for responding! Would you like to help out with the web
page a bit? I actually started a web page for the RDS 7.6 just this past
weekend. So far it only has an advertisement from long ago that Travis
Hartnett scanned. The ad is sort of neat actually. The url is:


Any contribution you can make would be greatly appreciated. Functional
description of the unit, things you like to use if for, scan/ocr of the
manual, etc. Whatever you've got time and interest to contribute, please
do! If you can put it in html, that's a great help. If not, we can probably
find someone to help out.

Also, I added a bunch of stuff in the tools section of the web site the
last couple of days. Mostly other stuff that Travis scanned for us. There's
an Electro-Harmonix 16 sec ad, Jamman ads, the timemachine ad. It's fun,
check it out..... And thanks for your work on this Travis!

Anyone else want to contribute to the website, please don't hesitate!
Community involvment is the key here......



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