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Re: new sustainiac sustainer

>Just thought you would like to know that Maniac Music has recently
>introduced a new and improved Sustainiac in-guitar sustainer.  We have 
>working on it for about 6 years and it blows away the earlier units.  Drop
>us a line if you want more info.
>Gary Osborne
>Maniac Music, Inc.
>8320 Meadowbrook Drive
>Indpls, IN 46240

ok, I'm game. Tell me more!

I bought a fernandes sustainer pickup for $300 a year or so ago. The pickup
even came with a so-so strat copy attached to it! ;-)

I like the fernandes thingy pretty well. Makes a great sound source for
loops. How does the new Sustainiac compare to that? What I remember about
the old sustainiac is that it required external hardware and some large
device connected to the headstock of the guitar. Hopefully you've improved
on that design approach?



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