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Re: new sustainiac sustainer

Gary Osborne wrote:

>Just thought you would like to know that Maniac Music has recently
>introduced a new and improved Sustainiac in-guitar sustainer.  We have 
>working on it for about 6 years and it blows away the earlier units.  Drop
>us a line if you want more info.
>Gary Osborne
>Maniac Music, Inc.
>8320 Meadowbrook Drive
>Indpls, IN 46240

I second Kims request for more info about this technology.

Does the new sustainiac give you control over which overtones feedback like
the old one did?

Is it possible to put the new sustainiac in another guitar than the one it
is sold with?

Does the new sustainiac work with electric nylon string instruments?(I know
this is an oddball question.  I have a gibson chet atkins solid body
electric nylon string and I just hate the fact that the nylon strings have
no sustain!!!!)

I look forward to your reply.

Hayden Porter