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Re: new sustainiac sustainer

This dude is not on the list, I don't think. You have to send to him
directly. I forwarded your mail to him already, so don't worry about this
one. CC the list if you get any response from him, because there are
probably a number of us interested. Looping and sustaining seem to go


At 8:48 AM -0400 5/6/97, Hayden Porter wrote:
>Gary Osborne wrote:
>>Just thought you would like to know that Maniac Music has recently
>>introduced a new and improved Sustainiac in-guitar sustainer.  We have 
>>working on it for about 6 years and it blows away the earlier units.  
>>us a line if you want more info.
>>Gary Osborne
>>Maniac Music, Inc.
>>8320 Meadowbrook Drive
>>Indpls, IN 46240
>I second Kims request for more info about this technology.

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