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fernandes sustainer

Kim Flint wrote:
>I bought a fernandes sustainer pickup for $300 a year or so ago. The 
>even came with a so-so strat copy attached to it! ;-)

I have some questions about this pickup, but first let me give you some
background about my dilema.

I am a classically trained guitarist/composer. I would like to compose solo
electric guitar pieces that explore signal processing and looping.

Becuase of my background, I am most comfortable playing with my fingers.
Consequently I bought a Chet atkins electric nylon string guitar.  It is a
really nice guitar but it is not an effective instrument for signal
processing or looping because of the limited sustain and sound quality of
amplified nylon strings.

What I need is an instrument that has the classical string width spacing
AND has steel strings.  With this combination I can explore long sustain
and signal processing with conventional electric guitar technology while
not affecting my technique.  Any suggestions?

Now to get back to the Sustainer pickup.... I foresee some problems with
conventional pole pickups and the classical string spacing.  Is it possible
to use a conventional pickup with this spacing or would active electronics
be better?

I also wonder if the fernandes sustainer pickup would work with this
spacing. I would really love to have infinite sustain by using the
fernandes or the sustainiac on an instrument with classical width spacing.

Enough ramblings.....

I look forward to your reply

Hayden Porter