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Re: fernandes sustainer

At 9:11 AM -0400 5/6/97, Hayden Porter wrote:
>Kim Flint wrote:
>>I bought a fernandes sustainer pickup for $300 a year or so ago. The 
>>even came with a so-so strat copy attached to it! ;-)

>What I need is an instrument that has the classical string width spacing
>AND has steel strings.  With this combination I can explore long sustain
>and signal processing with conventional electric guitar technology while
>not affecting my technique.  Any suggestions?

If you like the Chet Atkins, there are also steel string versions of that
guitar, which have the wider string spacing. You might want to check out
Godin as well.

>Now to get back to the Sustainer pickup.... I foresee some problems with
>conventional pole pickups and the classical string spacing.  Is it 
>to use a conventional pickup with this spacing or would active electronics
>be better?

I'm pretty sure there are pickups intended for wider spacing. The kind
meant to go in acoustic steel strings? Any guitar designed to be amplified
should have a reasonable solution to this.

>I also wonder if the fernandes sustainer pickup would work with this
>spacing. I would really love to have infinite sustain by using the
>fernandes or the sustainiac on an instrument with classical width spacing.

There you'll likely have trouble. The pickup might work fine, but getting
one installed properly in a guitar is quite difficult, or so I've heard.
There are people who can do it, though. Also, unless it is already in a
guitar, you have to specially order it from Japan, which may or may not be
hard. I do know a fellow who has several of these installed in PRS guitars.
You might want to ask the sustainiac guy if he has a solution that works.


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