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Re: Ravel as a looper

Hey, lets keep these threads going! The list has swerved way into
gear-nerdism lately; and this is a welcome relief. What are some other loop
parallels in western classical music? I admit to being fairly ignorant
about much beyond the obvious pieces everyone listens to in music
appreciation classes. Could one of you guys give us a little tour of the
uses of repetition-as-compositional device in classical genres? I'd be real



At 6:56 PM -0700 5/6/97, Carlos Carrillo wrote:
>I believe that the work you are eluding to
>is the well known orchestral piece Bolero.
>This piece does indeed make use of repetition, but I think Ravel meant
>it more as an exposition of orchestral timbre,
>since the emphasis is largely placed on the shifting tonal colors
>provided by the different harmonies and combinations of solo and
>ensemble instruments.
> Repetition is not the intended focus of this particular work. Harmonic,
>and dynamic movement are the primary forces at work.
>Carlos R. Carrillo

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