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Re: ROLAND GP-8 effects question

>If you want to hear a "classical" looper, find some Conlon Nancarrow.
>He devoted most of his career to player piano, mostly because humans
>were incapable of playing with the degree of precision and speed he
>required.   Amazing stuff... profoundly mechanical on one hand, deeply
>emotional on the other.  As for sonic textures - imagine a player
>piano with metal hammers rather than felt, sustain pedal down, blowing
>through a light-speed fortissimo 88-key cresendo!  I heard that on
>vinyl once, but I know it must have been just a pale shadow of the
>original performance.  That one caused problems for him
>mechanically... so little paper was left on the roll that it tended to
>shred while playing, especially with the piano vibrating like that.

I've got a two-cd overview of his music, and there are several pieces 
where he had attempted to sync two player pianos.  It's challenging 

Travis Hartnett