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Re: ROLAND GP-8 effects question

On Tue, 6 May 1997 mgsam@wave.net wrote:

> The Loop Doctors constantly debate the issue of when too much technology 
> well, just too much.  Right now we think our hands our full between the
> Lexicon Jamman, Vortex and Oberheim Echoplex.  This equipment seems to 
> to different musical "fields" then synthesizers, although both of us 
> synths can be really interesting (check out David Bowie's new album with
> Reeves Gabriel for interesting pop application of synth guitar.)
> In another vein, anybody want to debate that point that if Maurice Ravel
> were still around he would be a SEVERE, and we mean severe, loophead?

I don't know if he would or not... there's a difference between a
repetitive texture and a recorded loop.  Each has its advantages and
disadvantages.  "Bolero" is repetitive, but the textures are
constantly shifting.  

If you want to hear a "classical" looper, find some Conlon Nancarrow.
He devoted most of his career to player piano, mostly because humans
were incapable of playing with the degree of precision and speed he
required.   Amazing stuff... profoundly mechanical on one hand, deeply
emotional on the other.  As for sonic textures - imagine a player
piano with metal hammers rather than felt, sustain pedal down, blowing
through a light-speed fortissimo 88-key cresendo!  I heard that on
vinyl once, but I know it must have been just a pale shadow of the
original performance.  That one caused problems for him
mechanically... so little paper was left on the roll that it tended to
shred while playing, especially with the piano vibrating like that.


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